Monday, March 30, 2015

We did some cool stuff this week, like we went to another town that's part of our area to try and find all the less actives that live there.  It's straight campo, with roads like tangled Christmas lights, plus it was raining.  Really pretty.  We hope we can go again just to figure out who still lives there.

Something really cool we did this week was we went to San German for a zone activity which the stake president and the mission president coordinated.  San German has a legendary ward, so much member support, and all the missionaries spent the morning inviting all the less actives to come to church the next day.  Hermana Partridge was super excited because she actually had her training there with my last companion, Hermana Ponce, as her trainer.  And so we got the the numbers - there were 175 people in sacrament meeting, with 25 less actives and 40 investigators.  San German WORKS.

Here's something fun from my personal study this week: Alma 31-35, where Alma [the bishop] feels sad that the Zoramites have apostatized [that he has less actives] (31:2), decides to share the gospel (31:5, actually the scripture on my missionary plaque), gets some missionary companions [ward members] (31:6), and goes to visit them.  Yes, they are definitely in apostasy (31:8-11), and some of them have joined another church and forgotten their testimony (31:23, the name for that here is "domingueros").  So he prays (31:26-35), strengthens his companions [ward] (31:36), and goes to teach (Alma 32-34, where we have the perfect example of how two companions teach together).  Then some of the Zoramites [less actives] come back (35:2-4).

I'm doing really well.  I love missionary work and I love the gospel.  And I love all of you :)
Hermana Kirkland

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