Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Well, it finally happened.  I hit halfway.  We spent all day yelling "HUMP DAY!", ate at a member's, taught five lessons, received four references (my mission record), and ended at an activity where we watched Legacy.  It was a good day.  But I can't believe it's half over already.  I feel like I've been away maybe three months?  Except I'm definitely not in training any more.  It just goes by so fast... 

Here is Rule #5, which is something very important that I've learned throughout my mission: Don't Be an Idiot.  The mission is replete with stories of idiotic things that missionaries (i.e. ELDERS) have done.  Elders: No girl wants un charlatán misionero.  I don't know exactly how to say that in English.  Probably something like "goof-off" or "moron." Why did President Boucher tell us during zone conference not to burn a shirt at halfway?  Because someone decided to set the shirt he was wearing on fire.  Or there's the time the zone leaders decided to drag their mattresses onto the roof and sleep on top of their house.  Or the elder that broke his arm biking down a 60-degree incline (that was a while ago, we don't have bikes anymore).  Seriously, if you want to have a fun, successful mission, just follow the white handbook to the letter, and to quote President Boucher, "D cubed plus T!  Don't Do Dumb Things!"

We had a good week, considering very few people were home, we had intercambios, and Hermana Partridge got sick and we had to stay in Saturday.  We got a baptismal date - now we've just got to get her in church!  And we are so excited for Women's Conference on Saturday and General Conference next week.  Come listen to a prophet's voice, because he will tell you STRAIGHT UP what you've gotta change to be better :)

Hermana Kirkland

Here's that picture I wanted to send last week.

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