Monday, April 27, 2015

That´s a good sign it´s time to take a nap.

Training is definitely an adventure, and I´ve learned what a real ¨baby¨ is.  I was blessed to have a lot of the language down when I got here, even if I couldn´t understand the Puerto Ricans.  It´s been a learning process but we are both growing and improving in marked ways every day.

Last night for a ward activity we watched Meet the Mormons.  100% would recommend.  It was a great movie and we´re borrowing it from the stake president so we can watch it in English.  The best part was that we got three less actives to the activity and they loved it.  They really miss being active but it´s hard to keep going.  That´s why we´re here!  I don´t know, as a missionary I feel like I have so much motivation it´s really easy to give it away.

This week I learned how much service can mean to people.  They are pretty lazy about giving us service opportunities, so we decided to heart attack the same less active family on Friday.  We got caught by the kids, but then they helped us sneak through the jungle around the back of their house so we could make it a surprise for their mom.  Twenty minutes down the road we got a very teary call from the sister, saying that she had been feeling really down and she had really needed that.  The next day we visited and she gave us dinner as a surprise, and then she and the two kids that had helped us came to sacrament meeting and the activity.  She looked so much happier than she has been since I met her.  And now the ward is starting to get excited about helping them back.

I love love love the mission!
Hermana Kirkland

Monday, April 20, 2015

Still training.  Stay the course.  Keep moving forward.
Love you!
Hermana Kirkland

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  I love training!  It's also terrifying.  The trainer's meeting is where President figuratively grabs you by the head, stares deep in to your soul, and says, "TRAINING IS SO IMPORTANT.  IT IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE MISSION.  YOU ARE THE GOOD MISSIONARIES THAT I TRUST BUT DON'T MESS IT UP."  It's a lot of fun.  My companion is Hermana Wilkinson from Seattle, which is where Hermana Partridge is from!  They know a lot of the same people.  She's training Hermana Pinto from Brazil.  It's cool because she's so innocent and ready to work, not super jaded like the old missionaries (wait... that's me now.  Oops).

I'm running out of time but I will try and talk more next week!  Faith always points forward!  Prayer makes miracles!  I love you!
Hermana Kirkland

Monday, April 6, 2015

Well, all good things must end.  Except families.  And the Atonement.  Well, there are some good things that don't end.  But the best trio of all time had to end, and we knew it was going to be this transfer.  Hermana Stevens is going to Aguas Buenas, and Hermana Partridge and I are both training in San Sebastian!!!!  Hoooooo boy.  I'm really excited.  There's no way it could be worst than last time. right?  Don't answer that.

How awesome was conference?  It was very awesome.  I am especially stoked for three new temples, and one of them in my area!  (The Carribean, not San Sebastian).  I loved loved loved Sister Burton's talk Saturday morning, and President Uchtdorf's talk yesterday morning.  I got a lot of answers I needed.

So I'm in my own area again, which I'm basically reopening, except I already know where everything is and all the ward members.  But no dates, no progressing investigators, hardly any investigators.  This will be interesting.  But miracles happen in training.  I'm excited.

And we might have a wedding this week!  I'll send pictures if/when it happens.

Love you!
Hermana Kirkland