Monday, March 2, 2015

The only positive thing about this week is that next week will be better.  OH and Elder Holland is coming on the 10, which we are all really excited for.
I was expecting homesickness.  I wasn't expecting her to start crying during the middle of the prayer to start our first companion study and decide to go home.  Long, horrible story short, she flies out in less than an hour.  But now I'm in a trio with Hermana Stevens and Hermana Partridge, and it's probably going to be the most fun 5 weeks of my misison (and the busiest!  Our area just DOUBLED).
Basically my companion did not want to work, and during one lesson she just cried the whole time, and I knew that I couldn't do that to my investigators.  So I had to stay in.  I went on a couple splits with Hermana Stevens to take care of the most important people, but I was still going stir crazy.  And Hermana Partridge went stir crazy when she had to stay in.  And then Hermana Stevens was going crazy too.  But my companion left last night, and now we're a trio.  The best trio of all time.

A funny thought I had this morning. I'm reading the Bible and this week I read Job, and he was doing really well and then he lost it all and had to be patient in his afflictions and know that even though he had trials he was still righteous. And then at the end he gets double what he had before. Well now I have two companions. I just thought that was cool.
Behind a trial there is always a blessing.  I really learned that this week.  And now I feel even more dedicated to the work.  I love this work.
Hermana Kirkland

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