Monday, March 16, 2015

I just wanted to include some excerpts from my letter to President last week and his response this week:

"We are basically the best trio of all time. We are actually now a little worried to go back to regular companionships because this is just so wonderful. And we are SO BUSY. SO INSANELY BUSY."
And President says:
"BEST TRIO OF ALL TIME... Like better than any other trio ever? Like better than Peter, James, and John? Thomas, Henry and Deiter? WOW you ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
That's my mission president.  We actually got to see him a few times this week, largely because of the fact that we got to meet Elder Holland!
That could easily be the most spiritual experience of my whole life.  And I've had some.  He talked about:
  • Don't you dare fall away from the church after your mission.  I will fight you if you do.
  • This is the only dispensation in which there will be no apostasy after.  It's going to work this time.  (Fun quotes: They can't kill us all!  They can try but we can call people really fast.  That's what we talk about).
  • The Book of Mormon: i.e. the sign of the beginning of the last days, the most important revelation we have ever had, use it use it use it.  He said he wants us to be a Book of Mormon mission, and after President Boucher got up and said, "So we have a new mission goal.  Starting... now."
He asked who is speaking in Mormon 8 and I answered (Moroni) and he told Hermana Boucher to make me a chocolate chip cookie.  I only knew that because I had sped read Mormón 3-Moroni 10 on the ride over (in Spanish) so I could finish the Book of Mormon before meeting him.  That was a good decision.
And then we were just on fire all week.  We taught 24 lessons in 3 days.  Which was good because the other four days we taught a total of 5.  But then we did the math, and figured that that means if we're really working to our full capacity, we could get up to 50 lessons in one week.  So if I don't write next week it's because I've died of exhaustion.
I love you!  Go read the Book of Mormon!
Hermana Kirkland
P.S. Totally saw Elder Brown.  Totally called him by his first name on accident.  I was going to add a picture but the computer doesn't work.

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