Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We had transfer calls yesterday (at 10:45 because the zone leaders apparently don't care about the sisters (THAT'S A JOKE)) and we have so many things happening!  One area is going to be whitewashed by elders and they are both going to San Sebastian (we thought we would get to drive there but we were disappointed).  One area (the zone leader's area, haha) is getting sisters (fortunately they already have an apartment).  And two sisters are training.  So every single area is changing except ours, thank heavens.  I'm staying with Hermana Stevens until... Christmas!  (That's the euphemism we use.  That, or "when I get a chance").

We had a powerful experience on Thursday.  Long story short, we felt a lack of the Spirit in the morning because we went to get pizza when we ought not on Wednesday, and when we were talking through it during companionship study we found a talk from April 2013 by President Monson: "Come All Ye Sons of God."  The Spirit came back and we repented and promised each other to never ignore the Spirit again.  This weeked was the longest run of the Spirit so strong of my entire life.  It's still there, we just got a little burned out.

We had a cool conference with Elder and Sister Christensen and Elder and Sister Cornish on Saturday!  We had a special MLC where we talked about the mission's needs, then the mission conference.  The major themes were conversion, repentance, and the Spirit (funny thing, Hermana Stevens and I always seem to have spiritual experiences to prepare us for what we are going to learn in conference).

It's here.  To make it count, Hermana Stevens and I are doing 50 goals for my last 50 days.  Some of them are fun, some of them are service, and some are spiritual, but it's going to be great.  "You hit the tape and you collapse!"  You give it all you got or you didn't do it right.  Well, I'm giving it all I've got.

Lots of love from PR,
Hermana Kirkland

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