Monday, November 16, 2015

We had a mission activity in the ward this weekend.  We worked really hard to get this activity and then worked really hard to get people there and it turned out pretty well.  We did a treasure hunt with the steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Atonement, Faith, Repentance, Holy Ghost, Endure to the End) with a prize (Eternal Life, of course, also a movie and nachos).  Someone had chosen out a 2-hour-long not-church movie so we had some gentle words with him and got it changed to Meet the Mormons.  I was surprised at how not-trunky I was during the Utah part (and how at-home I felt during the Costa Rica bit).  Anyway, the real miracle was when we invited a random guy in the plaza to come to the activity and he came.  He was a little out of place, but then he and a member figured out that they were friends 20 years ago.  And then he came to church on Sunday!  He lives alone so the elders will teach him, but there are prepared people out there.

We went to the beach for a sister activity today.  It was my last time as a missionary.  But it all turned out well considering we expected to be doing it next week, so that is a little private miracle I suppose.

I love you a lot!
Hermana Kirkland

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