Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We had a lot of miracles, though.  One was when it had poured all day and all of our plans had fallen through, so after we went back home to change we prayed to find a family with a mom and a dad, and a head of the household who would recognize us and be ready to be a priesthood holder for his family and would attend church on Sunday.  So we left the house and prayed for directions, and we kept praying until we got to a house, and without exaggerating it was the first house we contacted.  We knew they were there and they weren't coming out but the Spirit told both of us to sing so we did and they came out and we got an appointment.  They didn't come to church but hey that's just agency for you.

We also had an investigator commit to be baptized and come to church but then she didn't come to church and apparently she told the elders that "the mormon lifestyle is not for me."  We think she just wants to be a rebel in front of her family (they're all slightly active members).

We also felt impressed to go talk to a group of men sitting in the park, and usually when we do that they just try and flirt or talk in English but we've been working on teaching to the culture and wow, did we have them captivated with the restoration.  We taught them and they accepted every commitment we gave them.  If they progress we'll give them to the elders.

I love you all a whole bunch!  Sigan adelante con fuerzas!
Hermana Kirkland

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