Monday, July 6, 2015

In the mission, you'll find yourself moving around quite a bit (some more than others) and for that we have a very important rule: Travel Light.  Baggage is not a fun thing to move around, whether in suitcases or relationships.  2 suitcases and a carryon is all you've got to take home, so there's really no point in having more stuff than that.  And as far as relationships go, I got really close to the members in San Sebastian, and it has been hard to leave them.
As far as whitewashing goes, though, Caguas is the ideal.  It is a super supportive ward of I don't know how many people.  Too many to count.  It's a good thing I'll probably die here because there's no other way I'll get to know everyone.  It's city (when I called the office the first day, the senior missionary said, "Oh Sister Kirkland, you're back in civilization!"  Shut up, don't remind me), so there's a lot to cover, but the members are always available to give rides.  And there are a lot of funny people here.  Morgan, who is a convert from Provo who served a mission and met her Puerto Rican husband on LDS Singles; Nancy and her daughters Tatiana and Damara, who are all very spunky; and Aida, who insists that we call her "abuela" but also insists she's 15 (sometimes 13).  Our ward mission leader has set a goal of 30 baptisms for the year, which is a bit lofty but something to work towards.  All in all, we're ready to work!
We have 4 sisters and 2 elders here, and everyone mistakes me for Hermana Gassaway.  The members actually feed us (to the point where they call us and ask if we've eaten, and if not they buy us food).  People trip over themselves to give us references and accompany us.  It's a good thing Hermana Paniagua knows how to work with member because I am out of my league here.  Whatever happened to the hard side of missionary work?  What happened to contacting?
Going crazy en la isla del encanto,
Hermana Kirkland

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