Monday, July 20, 2015

I send this to a lot of my friends on missions, and most of you are going to be getting back in the next few months.  Let me know when so that I can take you off the list.

Some week I write down beforehand what I'm going to write everyone so I can remember it all.  This week was not one of those weeks.  We had a fun service with the ward where we packed and handed out loads of donated backpacks.  After we packed the backpacks we made it into a game to see how much of the food they gave us we could fit into our bags.  Free food is not to be taken lightly.  Just another way that the mission is preparing me for college (or college prepared me for the mission??).

Another cool member is Pamela.  She was baptised in England in 1958 against her husband's will and then moved to Puerto Rico.  She was the first member here in Caguas and didn't have any contact with the church for years.  Her husband ripped her baptismal certificate up when he found it but she still has the pieces.  Though he was never baptized, he gradually became more supportive and she has been faithful up to today.  And she speaks English with a sweet British accent.

Well, off to work!  In about two hours.  Two very precious hours.
Hermana Kirkland

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