Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm a little sad.  I got transferred for the second time in my mission.  I'm leaving San Sebastian and going to Caguas on the other side of the island.  I love love love San Sebastian, and I know I'll love Caguas (if I keep it up I'm going to die there) but I will miss my area here.  In six months you can get really close to the members, and I have.

We had a good week.  My companion has made huge steps, which as a trainer that is exactly what I want to see.  I know she'll take good care of the area.

This week I had an interesting spiritual experience.  I was reading Jesus the Christ, finishing for the third time in my mission, and while I was reading the restoration chapter, specifically when he quotes JS-H 1:5-26, the Spirit hit me hard and I knew it was true.  It was unexpected, and to be honest I teared up a little.  I've been on a spiritual high the whole weekend.

It looks like I'm whitewashing, which will be interesting!  We'll see how that goes.  I'm going to be really good at contacting (you think you can't get any better, but actually you can.  That is a theme of my mission).

Lots of love from your Borricua-at-heart,
Hermana Kirkland

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