Monday, October 6, 2014

My lovely friends,

This week was super inefficient because we had to go to Ponce three times.  The second two times were good.  The first was not.  We spent eight hours at Pep Boys and it was agonizingly boring.  We tried to contact and study to distract ourselves from the TV.  Really horrible.  At one point I wrote a fourth verse to "Ye Elders of Israel."  Because I was bored.

The war is protracted but we won't despair
We fight for the freedom that we want to share
Our ranks are united, our leaders are strong
We'll come home to Zion in glory and song

The other two times were good because WE WENT TO CONFERENCE.  I just felt so good all weekend.  It was beautiful.  Our recent convert and one of the less actives we've been working with even came!  It was the best.

A note on conference - one of my favorite things to teach is "endure to the end" and one of my favorite things to say is, "If we are baptized and afterwards don't keep the commandments, what does our baptism mean?  Nothing!"  The same thing goes with conference.  If we listen to the prophet but don't apply what he said to our lives, why did we listen?

We're hoping to get some baptismal dates set up this week!  We got a really good couple of families.  Just got to get them reading and get them to church.  That pretty much goes for all investigators everywhere. LOA - leer, orar, asistir (read, pray, attend).

Keep spreading the gospel!
Sister Kirkland

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