Monday, October 13, 2014

First: There is a hurricane warning today and tomorrow.  Everything will be totally fine.  We're buying groceries, stocking up on water, our landlords live on the floor above us and are part of the branch/ relief society presidency, and we have to be home by seven o'clock tonight.  So no worries here.

Dear Soon-to-be-Elder Jake Brown,

Welcome to "the most dope mission."  I look forward to not writing you for the remainder of my mission.  I hope you're ready to work hard, because it really is the best two years.

First of all, the MTC.  I assume you're going to the Dominican Republic, which is good because Santo Domingo is wonderful, the teachers are fantastic and overall it's a blast.  But work hard.  My district worked hard.  Another one didn't.  One of the missionaries from that district told me, "Yeah, the day I arrived I was like, wow, I wish I had worked hard like Benjamin District instead of just goofing off."  Seriously.  It makes a difference.  But it is so fun!  Play some ultimate frisbee.  Practice Spanish with the natives.  Enjoy happy brownies.  Really enjoy Sundays (they're really chill).  Really really enjoy the temple because you ain't attending for another two years.  Work hard during contacting and intercambios.  Eat some oreos.

For the field:  The harder you work the happier you are.  The harder you work the less homesick you are.  The harder you work the easier it is to get along with your companion.  The more you enjoy working the easier it is to work hard.  i.e. DILIGENCE

Some games I've learned to play:
1. Is it raining or am I just sweaty?
2. (when it is raining) Is it a street or is it a river?
3. Is it a bar or is it a general store? (It's probably both).

Remember President Monson's talk last week.  Esp. 1 Samuel 15.  LEAVE BEHIND ALL THOUGHTS OF DISOBEDIENCE.  That is serious.

President and Sister Boucher are amazing.  Puerto Rico is amazing.  Stock up on your bug spray because you really really (really really) don't want to get dengue/ the chikungunya.  You will learn to dread the word chikungunya.  You may at some point think you want a tropical storm so you can stay in and take a nap.  This is a lie, you don't want that.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck!  Prayer, faith, and real need make miracles happen.  So serve the Lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength!

Yo sé que vive mi Señor...
Hermana Kirkland

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