Monday, October 27, 2014

All my friends,

This week we had Stake Conference which was SOOOO GOOOOD.  Elder Claude R. Gaviette was presiding, which was funny because he doesn't speak Spanish.  He got up and said, in French-accented English, "Well, we'll see what the Lord is thinking calling me to speak in Puerto Rico."  But he was such a dynamic and fun speaker.

The conference was largely missionary work-themed, which as a full-time missionary in the Ponce zone, I wholeheartedly support.  Saturday evening Elder Gaviette straight up had the stake president pull up the quarterly report so everyone could see it.  There was some interesting stuff.  (Adjuntas has had the most baptisms!  My companion rocks).  I don't remember a lot of what was said Sunday, but I do remember Elder Gaviette's talk.  He really is a good, inspired speaker.  He said, "I need your prayers because I never know what the Lord is going to have me talk about until I get up here."  And halfway through he said, "I feel like talking about the Holy Ghost now."  He talked largely about repentance.  That repentance isn't just something for big ugly sins, but we can repent daily for stuff like not living up to our potential.  It was really interesting.  My companion said later that nobody likes being called to repentance, and I agreed, but sometimes it's good.  Repentance is a joyful miraculous thing.

Saturday night he talked about his experience as a branch mission leader.  He said that he prayed to ask the Lord how many baptisms he should have.  The answer?  Thousands.  But he set a goal of three.  Monthly.  He told us about all the miracles that happened to achieve this goal.  The six months before he was called the branch had had 1 baptism.  The next six months they had 15 (they didn't have any when he lost focus in September).

So if you want to get involved in missionary work, here is what you can do:  Go up to your nearest missionary.  Say, "Hello, I am so-and-so, and here is my number and address.  If you guys ever need a member present, here are all the hours I am available to help you (because member-presents are the key) and here is a list of all of the people I know that aren't members complete with their addresses and phone numbers.  And here is some food.  If you need anything feel free to call!"  And then follow through.  Members make all the difference!

I love you!
Sister Kirkland

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