Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello, everyone,

So, after you've gotten through your first few days of walking all over your area (yay for cardio), you're probably going to have investigators.  This is where rule #2 comes in: the Double Tap, i.e. We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up.  This is called COMMITMENTS and they are hugely important.  Ask them to read and pray (BANG) and then ask them if they did it during the next lesson (BANG).  See, the thing is, if they actually do commitments, investigators turn into something else, which is progressing investigators.  We like progressing investigators.  They get baptized.  Also, it's never a bad idea to do the double tap.  Just send out a text to your investigator, or call them, or something.  Just get them to do their commitments!

I have hugely enjoyed this week.  We were really focused (we are always always focused) but we were also kind of silly.  AND we beat our goal for new investigators.  One of them is the sister of another investigator, and she seems primed to progress.  We gave her a Book of Mormon on Saturday and we're going to meet her on Wednesday.  We have some good youth who want to hear the gospel, and fortunately the branch has some good youth who are willing to help us.  Member present lessons are also important!

Anyway, I really love this gospel and this work.  There's this one part in the District where an Elder is staring at the camera, totally out of it, and he says, "I don't know why I'm so happy.  I'm so tired.............Yeah."  That's basically the mission.  Tired and happy and you don't know why.  But actually you do!  It's the Spirit.

Much love from Puerto Rico,
Sister Kirkland

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