Monday, September 8, 2014

Friends, family, children of God,

So I'm not being transferred, so if anyone has a letter that they feel like sending to P.O. Box #33, Adjuntas, PR, 00601, feel free to do so for at least the next five weeks.  I'm so happy I get to stay here!  Adjuntas is such a wonderful branch, and I think we're getting a lot done.

This week I was rereading the War Chapters in Alma, which I love.  I'm pretty sure I've talked about the war chapters a lot, but they're awesome.  And I was thinking to myself, what were the Nephite camps like during the war?  Were they raucous and disorganized?  I sincerely doubt it.  For one thing, they were led by awesome people.  I can't find the reference, but one verse says something like, "it was the habit of the Nephites to appoint someone who had the spirit of prophecy to lead their armies" which I think just makes good tactical sense as well as spiritual sense.  There's Teancum, whose favorite pastime is sneaking into the Lamanite camp to stick a javelin into whoever is currently stirring the people up to war.  There's Helaman, foster father to the 2060 Ammonite sons.  Then, of course, there's Captain Moroni, to whom Alma 48 is basically dedicated.  (I feel like whenever Mormon abridges something about the war, it's like President Uchtdorf talking about planes.  It's just kind of what he knows).  Plus, they obeyed every word with exactness.  And that's what we're doing.  If we obey with exactness, we can pull off miracles like the armies of Helaman.  Because we're fighting this war against Satan, we are the armies of God, and He will direct us to win.

I love you all so much!  Let's go fight the battle!

Sister Kirkland

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