Monday, August 18, 2014


Welcome to the United States of America.  Only this isn't America at all.  This is the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission.  To survive it, you only need to follow some simple rules that I've come up with.

Rule #1: Cardio.
In the mission, the first thing that is obvious is that you walk around a lot.  Almost nonstop.If you can't walk around for ten hours a day, you're going to struggle in the mission.  If you can't get up at six thirty every day to exercise, even though all you're going to do all day is walk around, you're going to struggle.  Not only that, but you gotta take heart even when things are tough.  So do your exercise!  Nothing is going to substitute for that!

I had a great week in the mission.  I can't believe how fast it went!  If it keeps going this fast I'm going to be home before I even know it.  I love the work so much!  And I love all of you!  Keep being awesome!  And write me some letters, dang it!

Sister Kirkland

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