Monday, August 11, 2014

Hola, and welcome to Chopped: Mission Puerto Rico San Juan!  Your challenge this week is to create a delicious meal using ONLY: leftovers, the groceries left from when you went shopping six days ago, and the randoms stuff people give you!  And, to make things more interesting, we're turning off your water!  DUN DUN DUN.  You don't know when it will be turned on again, so you have about a half gallon to do all the cooking and washing up!  YOUR JUDGES ARE:  Your companion, Hermana Gutierrez from Guatemala!  She has 14 months in the mission and has a reputation for being extremely obedient and hardworking; Hermana Shaeffer from Arizona, who has five months in the mission and can make a perfect fried egg every time; and Hermana Page from Wyoming, who finishes her mission in two weeks and fortunately is not very picky!  You have one hour: GO!

Haha, our water did get turned back on before any of us needed to go to the bathroom.  It's always an adventure.  The mission is an adventure!  I am learning so much!
I've decided that Spanish in Spain is like British English, Mexican Spanish is American English, Dominican Spanish is Boston English (really fast, nasally), and Puerto Rican Spanish is Liverpool/ Yorkshire English (think Beatles).  Puerto Ricans are hard to understand!  But I'm getting there.

When we got here, the Assistants told us to remember that every time we got rained on our spouses got handsomer, but everytime we dropped our scriptures he got uglier.  I dropped the Book of Mormon I was carrying twice the first week, but I've also been rained on six times so I think I'm in the clear so far.

I love my mission so much!  It is beautiful, and I love the chance I have to share the gospel every day!

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