Monday, September 21, 2015

We had a miracle this week.  Actually, we had five miracles this week, and the name is the Cordero Rodriguez family.  Hermana Broyles and Hermana Sanchez contacted them in July (and Angel tells the story every time he bears his testimony) - Angel and Anthony were working on the porch and the missionaries offered to help, and he just started laughing at them and said, "You're all so clean and pretty and you want to help?"  But they got an appointment.  I came in the middle of August, and it's been a long crazy ride - health problems, car problems, quitting smoking - but it was all worth it when five of them stepped into the waters of baptism on Saturday.

It's also a good example of member participation.  The week before they were contacted the bishopric prayed and fasted to get some more priesthood in the ward, especially in the young mens.  So the sisters found a family with five potential priesthood holders.  Members make miracles!

So we have transfers tomorrow, and I'm having a fun time learning about logistics when you have fifty or so sisters and half are being transferred and you only have five cars and one day and no one can be alone and they have to bring their luggage with them.  It's like a giant crossing the river problem.  But the most important part is who my new companion is.
It is


I am so happy!  I cheered when the zone leaders told us.  It was what I was hoping for but I didn't know if President would be that nice/crazy.  Well, he does what the Spirit directs, but honestly, NOBODY gets to repeat companions!  I'm thrilled.  I could not have asked for a better companion to finish my mission with.

Always working, always happy,
Hermana Kirkland

Included are photos of the baptism and one of Hermana Stevens and I if you don't remember her.

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