Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In short, Hermana Stevens and I are both so stoked about being companions again.  We already know each other, we get along super well, and we both love working hard.  We had a fantastic week full of miracles.  Like yesterday I took a wrong turn getting to a member's house, and we saw a woman on a bench and we both started talking to her and we got to answer a lot of her questions.  Her biggest problem with going to church was that she can't wear a skirt because she needs to wear tennis shoes because there is a big hill on the way to the church.  It's nice when people have little, easily-resolved doubts.

In the Bible Dictionary in English, it talks about Christ's miracles and says something like, "they were always in response to faith, prayer, and felt need."  That is something we are trying to implement in the ward right now. The members need to realize that miracles aren't going to just happen.  What they need is to notice something that they dearly need, pray for help, and then keep the commandments and do all that they can as a sign of their faith.  We've been applying it this week and it has been amazing.

Aren't you just excited for conference?  I am.  Funny story, at last conference Hermana Stevens and I were companions.

Peace out,
Hermana Kirkland

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