Monday, May 4, 2015

This week the missionary from San Sebastian finished her mission and came home from Saint George, and we met her at the Mother's Day dinner on Friday!  It was hilarious.  She is super cute, and she is definitely still in mission-awkward zone.  When the bishop gave her a hug she did this funny little flinch thing, and she said to us, "I'm going to go get water in the church... ALONE!"  Poor thing.  That will be me before I know it.  But she really wants to go out with us, which is something every missionary wants.

I am enjoying training.  We're starting week 5 tomorrow, which I can't believe.  Where did April go??  I don't know!  We had something interesting happen this week when we found this really prepared investigator, gave him a date, and then he told us the next day that he's leaving for Florida for a while because of a family emergency.  So fun.  He said he'll call us when he gets back.  Peggy still has a date but is still having a hard time getting to church, so she could use some prayers, probably.  Her husband, Vicente the recent convert, turns 81 today!  You wouldn't know he's 81.  That's a common thing in Puerto Rico, they all look younger than they are.

I'm having a great time.  Hope you all feel the same.
Hermana Kirkland

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