Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I love my nametag, I love chocolate on toast, I love the gospel, I love the Holy Ghost, I love the whole world, and all it's little things

Positivity!  It's fun when you make it fun.  That works for everything.

Training is fun!  My companion is a very willing missionary.  If asked, she would probably tell you that my favorite phrase is "Do it."  I sound like a dumb jock egging his friends on, I think.  "Hey, go contact that person."  "What?  No!"  "Come on, do it!  Doooooo iiiiiittt."  And then she does it.  In Spanish, my favorite phrase is "No me importa" -  I don't care.  It's raining?  Whatever!  Keep moving forward.

We're hoping to drop a couple baptismal dates this week, so keep your fingers crossed!

This has been an update from your favorite (or at least second favorite) Puerto Rican missionary,
Hermana Kirkland

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