Monday, December 15, 2014

People outside of Puerto Rico,

It is the Christmas season and the people here have decided that since they can't literally feed the baby Jesus, they can at least feed the representatives of Jesus Christ.  So much food, I literally can't handle it.  My companion and I laugh all the time about it.  Especially because it is apparently a cultural thing that if you are offered food/"juice"/whatever you absolutely must take it.  We just bought breakfast food this week.  It's good because I'm definitely going to run out of money this month :)  I'm pretty sure that the reason they give you so little is because they want you to learn how to budget and stay out of debt when you are older and married.  Also Adjuntas is tiny and expensive.  I miss Walmart.

Well I basically never have time.  We were "practicing praying" with a group of kids and an investigator yesterday, and we all listed something we're grateful for and something we need.  The something I needed was "more hours in the day."  I can't believe we're halfway through December already.

I love you all!  Look forward to Christmas, and spriritually prepare for it too!

Hermana Kirkland

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