Monday, February 2, 2015

I love the beginning of the month because we have money to buy food.  The fridge is so full.  Last week, week 5, was super poor week in Hermana Kirkland territory.  I bought a sack of onions and three packs of ramen (as well as the food we share, of course) which just lets you know where my priorities were.  But todays I bought a lot more (we all did).  Grapes were cheap so we all bought grapes.  It's the beginning of the month and money=healthy food (i.e. no one bought ramen).

Yesterday we had Area Conference and it was soooo good.  I played piano, which is what happens when the stake president lives in your ward and remembers ten minutes before the meeting that someone needs to play the music.  Direct (translated) quote from Elder Holland -
"I'm going to stop speaking in my awful Spanish now.  It's just terrible."  President Packer gave a wonderful talk.  He talked about the conversion of Alma, how he didn't suddenly jump from sinner to saint, but just turned around to face the light.  I wasn't in the Spanish area, but we had the blessing to have an investigator in the meeting, and my companion said that when President Packer said, "Alma wasn't perfect," the investigator said, "Me neither."  And his father, a recent convert, remembered what Elder Holland said about FHE and he really wants to do it!  I love recent converts.  I want more of them.

Much love from Puerto Rico!
Hermana Kirkland

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